Calamity Cookies started as the pet project of our founder, Liam Leahy, in 2017. He had this crazy idea of creating fortune cookies that contained horrible fortunes. When he started, he was going personally to local chinese restaurants to get individual fortune cookies, and manually filling them with his own fortunes.

Liam saw great success with this idea, and began selling them almost instantly. He knew that he was at the start of a worldwide phenomenon.

The problem was, Liam’s process simply wasn’t scalable. He couldn’t continue to manually create every cookie. Liam restarted Calamity Cookies in 2019 with the help of some of his classmates. This time, he focused on scalability. Instead of sourcing individual cookies, we began sourcing from bulk producers, creating a much more professional product, at a viable pricepoint.

Although we have come a long way from our humble beginnings, at our core we are still the same company. We source high-quality cookies with the lowest-quality fortunes inside. As students at Fordham University, we are proud to serve our university community, and offer discounts and hand-delivery to other members of the community. 

At our core, our mission is to make people laugh. We want to help our fellow students learn to take life less seriously, and we like to think that we do it in a creative and fun way. We all have that friend that could learn to loosen up a bit, and nothing hits harder than a mass-produced fortune cookie.

As we look forward, we hope to begin expanding beyond our current online and in-person footprint by targeting gift stores and candy shops nationwide. 

Calamity Cookies makes the perfect gift for any close friend or family member. Do they live on-campus at Fordham University? We will hand-deliver it to them on a date of your choosing! Also, follow us on instagram @calamitycookies.